Thinking of buying a new game or DVD or maybe some other product or experience. Maybe you are just looking for some gift ideas.

There are probably two questions that you have :

1. What is it like? …..AND
2. Where can I get it cheapest?
3. Did others enjoy it?

dvdbrowser.co.uk is our attempt to help you review video footage relating your potential purchase in advance of deciding to buy and then on the same page to let you see the various retailers offering that or similar products for sale.

For the most part, the products featured here will relate to DVDs and Console Games, but we are now branching out into additional products where video of it in action will be useful in helping you decide to buy.

Note: We don’t sell anything here ourselves, but should you decide to buy from one of the featured retailers then we sill receive a small commission to help us keep this service running.

So, please feel free to have a browse and let us know what you think via the comments sections. .. with dedicated discussion forums happening soon.

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