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Prizefight – iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7

Prizefight – iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7

cnet.co The 7-inch tablet wars bring our biggest throwdown showdown yet. It's Apple's iPad Mini versus Google's Nexus 7. Who will be crowned king of the ring? Watch to find out!

Source: Prizefight – iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7 (Youtube).

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17 Responses to “Prizefight – iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7”

  1. cows over the moon??? i guess so because cnet dont like apple anymore?? cant believe it

  2. djgohan says:

    more like lil wong tong

  3. Anyone ideas when the 4.2 update for the nexus 7 is gonna be out?

  4. Jaythanc says:

    Wow awesome, android wins on a CNET video. Cool it is definitely better. No doubt.

  5. Eric Quach says:

    November 6th, 2012. This is a historic day in Cnet History; Cnet wants a change. Apple loses Cnet Prizefight for first time.

  6. Drew S says:

    Nexus 7 one. Watch the video before you comment

  7. Seifer Tan says:

    All I need to do is to look at the number of likes and dislikes and I can know who’s the winner >.<

  8. iLiveExtreme says:

    Very disappointed about pricing. Here’s what it should have looked like:

    iPod Nano: $99
    iPod Touch: $190
    iPad Mini: $230
    iPad: $499

    That’s more logical pricing, in my opinion. I don’t know the whole situation about production costs, but this seems like an ideal pricing standard.

  9. kevmack101 says:

    They should call it the iPad fatty because its to fat to hold in one hand. Thats why I usually only buy 7 inch tab. I just bought a note 10.1 and realized it to big to bring around. 7 inch high res screen is perfect.

  10. gonzo191 says:

    What sorcery is this, did my eyes just deceive me? Did a non iDevice just beat an iDevice in a cnet prizefight? The world must truly be ending soon cuz this is not like cnet.

  11. macachan1 says:

    Wow apple prolly didn’t pay CNET enough for this prize fight.

  12. mugsy201 says:

    Holy cow first time in CNET history! Sweet!

  13. Jamin Shanti says:

    I almost fell over, a Prize fight where apple didn’t win?

  14. The performance comparison was a joke

  15. @steveparrasp because stupid people like you would spend a ridiculous 329 for an iPad mini so when you sell it you can still get your nexus 7 and extras duh.

  16. i haven’t even watched this but this Cnet so apple wins no matter what. Cnet = apple’s biggest fan boy

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