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Oga Akorin

Oga Akorin

Watch Free Latest 2012 Nollywood Full Movies In English And Yoruba. There is a competition between Dipo (Odunlade Adekola) and Kunle (Funsho Adeolu) on who is to be the church's choirmaster. Both men are gifted but one is not educated. Education is not a criteria for the superior elders to judge from, talent is talent. One person between this two goes through a backdoor. Watch as this two antagonist perform in this celestial movie. For More Movies, Visit Our Website on www.ibakatv.com

Source: Oga Akorin (Youtube).

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8 Responses to “Oga Akorin”

  1. dwroa3 says:


  2. funmidele says:

    This is a great movie< Well done to the artists, especially Odunlade Adekola, keep the good spirit going and learn from mistakes of Actors like Baba Suwe and Latin, so over act, be natural and exploit the multi talent you have.

  3. rattymilove says:

    I love yuroba movies.. lots of senses and its realistic..

  4. the story line is dumb,they should have done autopsy,and dipo should have said someone brought the oranges for him…………nija movies sha

  5. Everyone Shut your trap. Commenting and lamenting about this movie has now been disabled. PEACE

  6. kenny klitz says:

    if showcasing our culture and acting movies in our traditional language is primitive then you are very sad. must it be in english? so the indians are primitive? the chinese are too? dont make comments without thinking. shame on you for calling your culture primitive.

  7. honiedee05 says:

    Really enjoyed this movie…Thanks for the upload :)

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