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IPad mini Unboxing & Initial Impressions

iPad mini Unboxing & Initial Impressions

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Source: IPad mini Unboxing & Initial Impressions (Youtube).

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17 Responses to “IPad mini Unboxing & Initial Impressions”

  1. Fabian Koch says:

    u are a great guy, keep making unboxings plz. greetings from germany!

  2. khankamrann says:

    Hahaha. Give it the pants test.

  3. Pochaco2007 says:

    Hey Dude, be gentle with your devices. You drop them hard on that desk all the time

  4. rozzers13 says:

    Loving your videos! I’ve missed a few due to being on holiday but im back again now! Just a comment on your audio, I know its probably an issue because you did this live but it sounds like you have some aliasing going on. Just make sure that with your audio settings in your video editor, when exporting you have anti aliasing filter turned on (if you can) it’s not a dig, just me noticing silly things again (i’m a sound engineer)

  5. andarugo says:

    dat cellophane

  6. erurevir says:

    you’re going on YGS

  7. AddisonHock says:

    then why are you watching his videos?

  8. griffbrown10 says:

    nice whitey tightys faggggggggg but ill still subscribe lol

  9. Annoying bastard.

  10. my parents broke my ipod touch so i might get the ipad mini :DD:

  11. kadiritu says:

    this idiot talking through the 48 minutes for what? Other guys can complete unboxing and review in 3 minutes

  12. Then don’t watch. I know people like TechnoBuffalo can do a full hands on in only a few minutes but I like this guys vids more. I like how he takes his time and jokes around. He is good at unboxings and reviewing and he is also honest. It may just be personal though. I am one of those YouTubers that can watch hours of videos and not even notice if I enjoy what I am watching. To be honest I didn’t even notice how long the video was until I read you comment (I was past 20 minutes by then).

  13. Definitely sign the box of the iPAd Mini you opened by mistake. It will make it much better. I don’t think the wrapping around the box is that important to most people. It is just nice to be able to open a new product but hey, what are you gonna do? :P

  14. kadiritu says:

    I prefer watching comedy movies if i had such time. Title does not fit to what this guy talking about.

  15. Rj Swayze says:

    Just ordered one a few days ago but sadly the case got here first..

  16. ADamPig1 says:

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