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HyunA(4minute) – Ice Cream Dance Cover (feat.Do.)(BY TeenWorld)

HyunA(4minute) – Ice Cream Dance Cover (feat.Do.)(BY TeenWorld)

This is the 42nd dance cover of "TeenWorld" This is a sexy Hyuna ice cream dance cover^^ Please support and give your comment;)^^ Dancer: Swank (feat. Do.) ★If you like the cover,you can subscribe "TeenWorldHK" and leave comments give any improvement☆ Instagram: teenworldhk FB: www.facebook.com

Source: HyunA(4minute) – Ice Cream Dance Cover (feat.Do.)(BY TeenWorld) (Youtube).

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16 Responses to “HyunA(4minute) – Ice Cream Dance Cover (feat.Do.)(BY TeenWorld)”

  1. 2NE1BJ1 says:

    It might have been better if u had back-up dancers from the start, I thought. good job thou! :)

  2. Rikkizumi says:

    Wow! you’re so good! **

  3. omgpizzaluvr says:

    Your amazing! and have nice legs(not intended to sound creepy) I wanna learn this dance so bad.

  4. Swank you so pretty marry me pleaseee?

  5. Great cover! You’re an awesome dancer!

  6. bonnie905885 says:


  7. fongfong415 says:

    Not that good.not powerful .


  9. 2:48 was hilarious too AHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  10. zzzjtkzzz says:

    hmmm I think I have to go to Hong Kong a moment…lol
    anyway,,she is really hot,,,thank u.

  11. soooo not good. like, whuut? most of the moves are wrong, and you look like you’re hurrying or something. just telling the truth here.

  12. TeenWorldHK says:

    Because we followed the 1st live of Hyuna – Ice Cream

  13. The chorus was kind of offbeat. But it can be helped. A bit of practice and furnishing of moves. Plus giving edge to each moves will improve the visual. Hyuna’s dancing is edgy that’s why it looks good. Hwaiting. Keep on doing this stuff.

  14. cheangkane says:


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