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Apple iPad Mini Unboxing Black & Slate

Apple iPad Mini Unboxing Black & Slate

Giveaway Video: www.youtube.com Apple iPad Mini Review and iPad Mini Unboxing is to come. This video gives you a first look of the new iPad in the really nice black and slate color. Follow Us On Twitter: twitter.com Website: www.productfeedback.com.au Google+ gplus.to Add Us On Facebook: www.facebook.com

Source: Apple iPad Mini Unboxing Black & Slate (Youtube).

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13 Responses to “Apple iPad Mini Unboxing Black & Slate”

  1. I just got mine!!! Yay!!!

  2. TheSpiral01 says:

    iPad mini two will have retina display!

  3. I really like your expination of what’s iPad mini I hope  I win the computing

  4. For what do you need the retina display on a iPad mini? also it doesnt have sense for me to put retina on a iPhone, its too small.

  5. Im mexican, but i cant find one in the stores :(

  6. samtasty says:

    how come it has a big power brick .. and other unboxings have a small power brick like the iphone’s one????

  7. He doesn’t live in the U.S. so it’s a different power outlet.
    I live in the U.S. but we try to be different than everyone else so different power outlet, left side driving, baseball instead of soccer etc.

  8. samtasty says:

    neither do i live in the us . still a crazy looking power brick..

  9. TheSack800 says:

    I’m not a throat-punch deserving fanboy and I’m safely distanced from poor, but I still want an iPad mini!

  10. TheSack800 says:

    @ Mackenzie Faison No, it’s a small iPad.

  11. I thought you said you don’t like white ipads, Why do you have a white one at the end of the video? lol

  12. I Felt Sexual While Watching This . . .

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