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Anti Eko

Anti Eko

Watch Free Latest 2012 Nollywood Full Movies In English And Yoruba. Two mischievous brothers takes a trip to the city, stripping their father of his life time savings so they can embark on the journey. Their dream becomes shattered when they couldn't cope with the city's hard knock life. Since theirs no hope going forward, going back is the best option for them. Ile Alayo's star actor, Monsuru, dazzles again in this comedy. For More Movies, Visit Our Website on www.ibakatv.com

Source: Anti Eko (Youtube).

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14 Responses to “Anti Eko”

  1. omar fakeye says:

    what are some other movies those two guys are featured in? (Alamu & Adisa) those two are freaking hilarious.. i love their Comedy.. very Entertaining.. Thnx for the upload..

  2. unravel22 says:

    this is so hilarious……………..2 big fools

  3. yorubamagic says:

    If you have enjoyed this one, then you need to see Ile Alayo and Ijewuru. Becareful so as not to laugh your lungs out! We warned you o.

  4. CoCoSleek says:

    Oh my… i really enjoyed this movie. The 2 brothers go crazy when they have little money and as a result lose it. Ladies, Nigeria indepence is on the 1st of October, Fum-b Hair on facebook is having a massive sale on virgin hair. Check her out.

  5. monsuru is such a good actor and is his brotherr…what a funnyy moviee!!

  6. aj franklane says:

    This movie is so funny.adisa and alamu.lol

  7. yorubamagic says:

    Lol. You aint even seen nothing yet. If you really love the act of Adisa and Alamu in this movie, then you should see Ile Alayo and Ijewuru. These are 100% comedy that will make you crack your ribs. And please be careful cos they have got so much laughing gas!!!

  8. lagos is beside abroad….i laughed so hard…..nice movie

  9. This is so funny, i couldn’t stop laughing . Very nice movie

  10. yorubamagic says:

    Have you seen Ijewuru and Ile Alayo? These are also nice movies too. See them all please. Thanks.

  11. daddymummy31 says:

    This movie is crazy and the actors are really crazy too

  12. Roland4uall says:

    I was laughing all through this movie

  13. yorubamagic says:

    Have you seen Ijewuru and Ile Alayo? You will also love these movies too. Thanks for watching them all, more movies are still coming to you. Stay tuned.

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