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Watch Free Latest 2012 Nollywood Full Movies In English And Yoruba. Esupofo's (Sanyeri) carelessness leads him to his fortune. All was going on well for him until another plan came up. In life, opportunity comes but once. Sanyeri dazzles again in this comedy. Enjoy! For More Movies, Visit Our Website on www.ibakatv.com

Source: Alaga (Youtube).

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16 Responses to “Alaga”

  1. yorubamagic says:

    You aint seen nothing yet Nbegrateful, we have loads of block buster movies hitting your screen soon. Have you seen Igba Iwa, Gucci Girls, Osumare, Omolere, Shakira, Free fall, For Better For war etc??? Enjoy!!!

  2. doesnt make sense at all

  3. Mattinny65 says:

    Nice package sanyeri, God almighty will gives you more Knowledge and understand to move on amen. I love all acting, well done!

  4. semiloreoye says:

    Nice movie, the middle was unnecessarily streched but i love the end….good acting by d short woman

  5. dupebaby08 says:

    i only click this movie because of what they wrote on the title…Sanyeri..this guy is too much..makes everything funny…thanks a lot for this movie..God will bless you abundantly..have a lovely day..just as you’ve made mine..

  6. yorubamagic says:

    Thanks Dupebaby. But you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. All our movies on Yorubamagic & MyNaijaLove are mind blowing. Try another one and see. Please send in your view. Adupe pupo.

  7. justtina20 says:

    Trully i personally appreciate you,thank you for all the movies.

  8. this sanyeri guy wouldn’t kill me with laugh

  9. meffboy1 says:

    i like her acting too. she is really good

  10. meffboy1 says:

    i like her acting too. she is really good

  11. yorubamagic says:

    Thank you so much Justtina for your appreciation, we really appreciate it. Do enjoy the rest of our movies please as more exciting ones are still processing. Happy viewing.

  12. suzanabrams1 says:

    Olaniyi Afonja is one of my favourite comic actors in Yoruba. Great choice for a movie. Exciting plot, nice drama and very meaningful storyline from start to finish.

  13. yorubamagic says:

    Thanks Suzanabrams, we really appreciate you comment. We have more movies for your entertainment. Enjoy.

  14. fuck u mit.u lieing bastard

  15. Naija Nile says:


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