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Sleeping Dogs : Nightmare in Northpoint DLC Teaser [HD]

Sleeping Dogs : Nightmare in Northpoint DLC Teaser [HD]

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Title: Sleeping Dogs
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Platforms: 360, PS3, PC
Label: Square Enix
Genre: Action
Age Rating: M

Source: Sleeping Dogs : Nightmare in Northpoint DLC Teaser [HD] (Youtube).

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19 Responses to “Sleeping Dogs : Nightmare in Northpoint DLC Teaser [HD]”

  1. MrPYRO177 says:


  2. Kronikwookie says:

    lol if you want a realistic game, go outside.

  3. ping? that was ping that got kidnapped. right? fuck zombies, I’ll take more ping.

  4. I don’t want realistic, I want original.

  5. azlagor says:

    Piss in my assss

  6. Dre Singh says:

    Really? Zombies? Couldnt they be more original, RDR, infamous, Yakuza now this.?

  7. agreenmufuka says:

    damn it !! whats next ? needforspeed zombie edition like zombie highway -.-

  8. Kronikwookie says:

    lol its gonna be extremely rare to find something original these days, especially for this game’s genre. the video game industry needs a way to keep going so there will of course be unoriginal ideas. look at hollywood for example. if everyone was using up all of their time to brainstorm original ideas that no one has done before, the industry would slowly cripple and die since revenue isn’t steady and reliable. sales would be much slower, the amount of games available, much lower.

  9. PCTechTalks says:

    because its fun?

  10. PKDeviluke25 says:

    cuz its fucking awesome!

  11. VelaToNorma7 says:

    Fuck this shit. I want “Watch Dogs.”

  12. gralkses says:

    what the hell?

  13. BillyChaka says:

    yep. no innovation or anything.


    fuck this zombie DLC

  14. Cause Square Enix can’t think of anything else to come out with but Zombies..

  15. irj37 says:

    They just need filler and cash for the next Kingdom Hearts game.

  16. AUStarScream says:

    It’s a Halloween DLC, have some humor people.

  17. TheSanka69 says:

    its for halloween, and its a ‘funny’ undead not a ‘creepy’ one.. like the Saints row DLC with super Gat

  18. mjsiavos says:

    Eh, it’s just, I’m scared shitless of the undead. I know, I know I’m too old to be, but I’m just scared of them.

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