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Halo 4 : Launch Trailer – Long [HD]

Halo 4 : Launch Trailer – Long [HD]

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Title: Halo 4
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360
Label: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: FPS
Age Rating: T

Source: Halo 4 : Launch Trailer – Long [HD] (Youtube).

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13 Responses to “Halo 4 : Launch Trailer – Long [HD]”

  1. You cant see his face. The best you get is the left cheek and a blanked out eye.

  2. AyJay2303 says:

    *screaming in delight* omgomgomg

  3. murmeldyret says:

    I really wish people would do us all a favour and not buy this :(

  4. you probably right

  5. EDKZX85 says:

    No PC?! No game!!!

  6. Paintchk218 says:

    ahh man. Wrong vid. No worries I’ll point you to the right vid. Um, take a left and walk about a mile or so and then go down the stairs on your right to floor -10. Yeah we have that floor. And the Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 trailer will be on the left three doors down on the first right. Just leave on the desk or just slip it under the door.
    Someone will get to it eventually. :)

  7. HHSTwisTy says:

    @William Fleming That guy they show is him…

  8. murmeldyret says:

    I don’t really want to be put in as a fan of either game, but from where I’m sitting it looks like Blops 2 has some actual innovation going on, and Halo hasn’t developed since Combat Evolved.
    Again, I’m not much for either game, but I’m just calling them as I see them.

  9. Paintchk218 says:

    Blops(lol) is pretty much going to be the same thing as the last few games. Halo is mainly for story and gameplay they change as they go but keeping that Halo feeling. COD on the other had the gameplay say’s its changed but it hasn’t. All they do is give you some guns and dull storyline.”Aww but we changed everything”. No they haven’t its the samething over and over again. Halo story is solid and has a back story. Thats what keep this series going and what players want. The gameplay is if’y imo

  10. Paintchk218 says:

    COD had a good thing going in Modern Warfare 1-2 and World at War which were fun I loved it but they need to step up and either really change it or drop COD and move on to something better and stop wasting the players money on something that has been repeated for the last 4 games.

  11. tplayplus says:

    Murmeldyret, I think you got that backwards. If you meant to say what you said, then you haven’t payed any attention to any of the halos

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