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Fuse : Gameplay Walkthrough

Fuse : Gameplay Walkthrough

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Title: Fuse
Release Date: March 2013
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Label: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action

Source: Fuse : Gameplay Walkthrough (Youtube).

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16 Responses to “Fuse : Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. Wait for it, he just uploaded it 10 minutes ago, damn it teenager

  2. NooqGaming says:

    Develops a game on a PC.. releases it on consoles only.

  3. emilan1212 says:

    every game is developed on pc

  4. TheCalqiu says:

    isn’t this kinda like the G.I. Joe movie?

  5. Woooow, I really loved the Overstrike idea that they showed at E3 and now they’re going to the CoD, GoW type of business, and makes it console only, well fantastic, stinking pile of disappointment-tastic

  6. mitcharts says:

    Hyperion Base? Really? I wonder where Handsome Jack is!? :D

  7. Faruk Ucar says:

    Well here comes a new type of GAME. Its gonna be a liking game…

  8. ND1Razor says:

    The original looked like it had way more character than this.

  9. R3P01012 says:

    -_- you assume im a teenager because i said 480p?

  10. ND1Razor says:

    The AI seems thick

  11. TheSense13 says:

    Pirating is extremely high on pc,they would lose a shit load of money if they released on pc.

  12. machstarfox says:

    all games are devloped on pc’s

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