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Far Cry 3 : Open World Walkthrough

Far Cry 3 : Open World Walkthrough

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Title: Far Cry 3
Release Date: December 4, 2012
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Label: Ubisoft
Genre: First-person shooter, open world
Age Rating: M

Source: Far Cry 3 : Open World Walkthrough (Youtube).

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19 Responses to “Far Cry 3 : Open World Walkthrough”

  1. jdzaja96 says:

     love how he says “pegi 18″

  2. MrSnglenn says:

    chuck norris has commanded it….It shall be done .

  3. ahahah 4:23, awesome how they used 6 amazing games and put them in to actual sentence :)

  4. ghostlykev says:

    if it wasn’t for Wii U we would of had this game earlier :(

  5. Merlin ORKO says:

    I wanted to buy this because of multiplayer because I loved far cry 2 multiplayer, far cry 3 mutiplayer is more like call of duty mw so I will pirate this because its not worth the money for only ok single player, I mean its not like fallout 3 or something so…

  6. Chuck Norris’ fight jeans.

  7. DerNerver says:

    you cant buy this game cause the multiplayer the singleplayer is the mainthing

  8. GuilhermeMFC says:

    this looks so amazing..

  9. Merlin ORKO says:

    I played Far Cry 2 Single player for about 2-3 hours and got bored, but multiplayer I still play it from time to time love the gameplay how you heal, no kill streaks and points like cod, and like I said I will always buy when I can a game like Skyrim and Fallout 3 where there is not multiplayer but game must be gr8

  10. wegotas says:

    I love how these guys are relaxed. Contrary to what you usually see in other ubisoft’s “ads”.

  11. i hate the commentary

  12. MrBoringxD says:

    This made Far Cry 3 alot more attractive!

  13. 0:24 The reason why you should buy Far Cry 3, all in one!

  14. 4:24 The reason why you should buy Far Cry 3… :D

  15. manutigre24 says:

    awesoem map extension beautiful graphic nice game play…. what do we wan’t more?
    oh i know please don’t kil ltigers there already a protected art of the world :P

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