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Apple surprises with fourth-gen, full-size iPad

Apple surprises with fourth-gen, full-size iPad

Apple introduces the next-generation iPad a mere six months after the iPad 3 was announced. It's twice as fast as the previous model and offers LTE and 10 hours of battery life.

Source: Apple surprises with fourth-gen, full-size iPad (Youtube).

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10 Responses to “Apple surprises with fourth-gen, full-size iPad”

  1. gmpgreen says:

    can’t see the competition in the rear view mirror? umm the Surface Pro that comes out next year is going to have core i5 Ivy Bridge which is has way more performance than tablet designed chip.

  2. icyds says:

    What exactly do you “do” in 2012 with an ipad with only 16 gigs…

  3. icisne7315 says:

    I hate you apple hope the economy gets to you.

  4. tjsdc619 says:

    I like apple but this just pissed me off.

  5. obscuresword says:

    @Pizzaguy100TV yup lol

  6. davidfxz says:

    hell yeah, that’s the tablet I’m getting. Apple lives in it’s bubble dream!!

  7. Apple pulling an android LOL. 6 months. I’d be so mad if I bought ipad 3 2 months ago

  8. davidfxz says:

    What are the big changes and features on the new ipad? I different processor, that’s all.That guy had to throw 20 sentences of facts about the new processor because that was all he could say about the differences between ipad 3 and 4. If people is smart, they won’t buy and stick with their ipad 3, I mean what can you do with an ipad that need the double of processing power, like you can run Adobe photoshop on it like you will on a microsoft surface pro next year, it can’t even decently multitask

  9. yazpaul says:

    Lucky I did not buy an ipad last month or else I am really screwed…. Pity to those who bought the “New iPad” last month cause there is another new iPad LOL…

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