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Apna Asmaan – Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film

Apna Asmaan – Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film

Watch out latest bollywood Film Apna Asmaan online free. Ravi and Padmini share a strained relationship due to their teenage son Buddhi's intellectual handicap. Buddhi, a mildly autistic slow learner displays his flair for art but his parents, with their middle class insecurities, neither recognize nor encourage his talent. Driven by Padmini's social insecurities and Ravi's guilt for dropping Buddhi as a baby, the parents chase an unreal dream of seeing their son as a normal, good student who, like others must become an engineer or a doctor. While Dr Sen, the neurologist tries hard to make Padmini accept the reality, Ravi's accidental meeting with Dr Satya- the maverick scientist leads him to experimental " Brain Booster" that can make Buddhi a genius. The side effect of this unnatural drug reveals the dark side of their dream, something the parents had not bargained for.

Source: Apna Asmaan – Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film (Youtube).

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18 Responses to “Apna Asmaan – Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film”

  1. psnandy1 says:

    This type of movie must make a cut in our social structure..It mirrors certain truths…However, some shortcomings are there, but those could be overlooked…Kudos uploader !!!!

  2. yuh4dat says:

    I have enjoyed this show:- “think before you dream, your dream just might come true” This is one of the philosophy in the movie, thanks for the upload.

  3. madhur1002 says:

    I love love this movie…great acting by everyone….

  4. very imp msg 4 all

  5. miagi84 says:

    Excellent movie, Thanks!

  6. I have enjoyed this movie ,And in future request that make more movies like this.

  7. sanny6667 says:

    Very nice movie..

  8. Every Parent should watch this movie. . .

  9. PINYU1985 says:


  10. MrAgarawal says:

    movie was average,different concept,story was quite unbelievable,but excellent star cast specially irrfan and the young artist.

  11. deepakdeeks says:

    gd story,performance…..

  12. Wonderful movie showcasing autism! Gr8 reminder to all of us to count our blessings & be grateful for what we already have :)

  13. nishi sharma says:

    i am amazed on the acting of this boy who played budhi (dhruv)….beautiful work ….very beautiful ….he played the role very brilliantly…
    and the way budhi smiles ..its the most lovable part of the movie ….some of a best work i have seen

  14. aswinianna says:

    shobana mam…. u r awesome .. as always!!

  15. nitinsarad says:

    for the first time I regret that I didnt see a movie before. An Amazing Amazing Amazing Movie.

  16. sara abbasi says:

    for own benefit they ruin the kid

  17. totally messed up parents who almost killed their kid!!

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