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Far Cry 3 : The Savages Trailer

Far Cry 3 : The Savages Trailer

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Title: Far Cry 3
Release Date: December 4, 2012
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Label: Ubisoft
Genre: First-person shooter, open world
Age Rating: M

Source: Far Cry 3 : The Savages Trailer (Youtube).

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13 Responses to “Far Cry 3 : The Savages Trailer”

  1. The1199Cool says:

    sucking cock is too much for a game bro.

  2. walnutpearl says:

    I think i’ll just wait till its released and umm… not suck any cocks

  3. Holy shit, I wish more games were such good… =)

  4. That may be the case, bro, and I can admit that, but first thing first, it’s impossible to resist.

    Fuck it, I would have done it.

  5. mangiant09 says:

    @Quantum Noire Multi-player?

  6. Avandas1992 says:

    you are gay , even thinking this ! :D

  7. zax2222 says:

    Go to 2:06 on this video put it on mute & pause it, open up another tab & go to youtube & search “Cookie Monster Eating Cookie” play the video right before he eats the cookie then open the Far Cry 3 video & BEHOLD THE COOKIE MONSTERS PET!!!!

  8. ayby17 says:

    Is there free roam in this game?

  9. MsGog123 says:

    vaas reminds me of Saun paul

  10. schik89 says:

    clearly patience isn’t your virtue

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