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Endrendrum Kaadal

Endrendrum Kaadal

Endrendrum Kaadal It is true to a major extent that the majority of Tamil film repeat the same old love formula all for the sake of a story. Director Manoj Bhatnagar's debut film might not be ideal cup of tea, but it plays its role as an accompanying 'buscuit' to a tea. Vijay is a successful businessman who belongs to extend family comprising of a father, brothers and sisters. He goes to Switzerland for a business meets with Nizhalgal Ravi, his sister Rambha. After some tom and jerry fights both fall in love with each other. Raghuvaran, Ravi's cousin comes as a mediator between both families to smoothen things with Vijay. The plot takes complicated turns when Bhanupriya and Nizhagal Ravi flashback comes, finally Raghuvaran make sacrifice by marrying Bhanupriya, film ends with Vijay and Rambha knot. For more full length tamil movies youtube.com For more full length malayalam movies youtube.com For more full length kannada movies youtube.com For more full length telugu movies youtube.com Watch tamil and telugu video songs youtube.com

Source: Endrendrum Kaadal (Youtube).

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10 Responses to “Endrendrum Kaadal”

  1. tamilmovies says:

    Thanks For Watching and Please Write Your Comments

  2. matprak says:

    love watching tamil movie but im non indian, I hope there are english subtitle

  3. kushmaz says:

    Please Upload Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi

  4. omicdad says:

    Nyc start… Small break… :)

  5. omicdad says:

    Boring in da middle… :(

  6. omicdad says:

    Getting interesting…

  7. omicdad says:

    Nycly ending…

  8. omicdad says:

    Nycly ending.

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