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8 x 10 Tasveer

8 x 10 Tasveer

TASVEER, is a story of Jai, a young man in his 30's that has a supernatural gift of being able to delve in the past of dead people by touching an object belonging to them. His family, friends and even he at times is skeptical of this said power but Jai manages to eke out a living in this land so steeped in belief of the supernatural. His father 'Jatin' though feels very strongly that his son is wasting his life away on 'mumbo jumbo' instead of managing the vast business empire he has created and this leads to a complete breakdown of relationship between the two. Jai's mother 'Savitri' cannot bear to be estranged from her only son and maintains a secret contact with Jai. Jai's wife 'Sheela' the love of his life is grudgingly supportive of her husband but has a real job and is the actual bread- winner of the family. Life goes on as they know or choose it to until Jatin is killed in a boating accident and Jai feels wretched about losing his father and the times that could've been shared. He stumbles upon the last photograph taken of the entire group of friends and family on the boat, minutes before the accident. Jai gets pulled into the photograph and realizes that it was no accident and that father was actually murdered. Consumed with grief and curiosity, he starts to investigate by undertaking the dangerous experience of going into the photograph to find the truth. He finds out that every person had a motive and every person could not have committed this heinous crime. He <b>…</b>

Source: 8 x 10 Tasveer (Youtube).

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18 Responses to “8 x 10 Tasveer”

  1. stigmando1 says:

    and the moral of the story is if your brothet falls over the cliff be sure to look for him at the bottom or else he will be very cross with you.

  2. bodrilla7 says:

    Wht a gd movie

  3. faizan1183 says:

    great movie

  4. what a movie…….but the last act so sad
    i like it

  5. jtghm says:

    damn, though they were going to have sex.

  6. jtghm says:

    where was the film shot?

  7. jtghm says:

    umm, i kinda love this film

  8. 9886268 says:

    copy of some english film….. i don’t remember the name… i think some tv serial…..

  9. *** Brother Hood ******* :D

  10. jessicaklair says:

    you are sooo gross

  11. aronyz1 says:

    Lol, i am not gross, i was just stating a point.

  12. indiadude88 says:

    Nice movie and kheladi akshaykumar best acting.

  13. taylorgal786 says:

    its the copy for the english film called the 6th sense

  14. X3Mapany says:

    I don’t understand all words in the Movie cause I’m German, but this Movie is much better than other german Movies I’ve ever seen :D

  15. X3Mapany says:

    @X3Mapany And I LOVE the beginning Song 

  16. MrDartmania says:

    ok firstly who da fuck wrote the description its totally wrong and secondly its not a copy of 6th sense in 6th sense the guys dead (Bruce Willis) and doesn’t know it and the kid knows he is dead and he thinks his wife is ignoring him.

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