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Jodie Kidd Interview & Lap – Top Gear – BBC

Jodie Kidd Interview & Lap – Top Gear – BBC

Supermodel Jodie Kidd joins Jeremy Clarkson on the Top Gear sofa and reveals that apart from being impossibly tall and rather pleasing to the eye, she has taken part in the odd motorsport event. That may account for her seriously impressive lap time in the Suzuki Liana! Classic clip from BBC's Top Gear.

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Source: Jodie Kidd Interview & Lap – Top Gear – BBC (Youtube).

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5 Responses to “Jodie Kidd Interview & Lap – Top Gear – BBC”

  1. I’ve got to beat her (that fucking snobby twat)…

  2. SpeedFreakNO says:

    I just woke up and might be a bit slow, but why JK-2? Because of Jay Kay?

  3. SpeedFreakNO says:

    She’s awesome!

  4. You could say a fast man with a slow car is safer than a slow man with a fast car. They’re not the same, though they drive at similar speeds.

  5. Johny40Se7en says:

    Jodie’s gorgeous and cool, why the heck did this take so long to upload? =P

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