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Inteqam (1969). Synopsis : Humiliated and falsely imprisoned, Reeta Mehra (Sadhana) swears to take revenge against Sohanlal (Rehman). Upon her release she finds out that her ailing mother (Leela Chitnis) has passed away, and this adds fuel to her vengeance. She then meets with Heeralal (Ashok Kumar), who was a former business partner of Heeralal, who went to jail to save him, and as a result had to serve a lengthy jail sentence. Upon his release, he finds out that Heeralal had not kept his promise to look after his wife and child. Heeralal coaches Reeta on how to go about their vengeance – their target is the only son of Sohanlal – Rajpal (Sanjay Khan); make him fall in love with Reeta; get them married and then extract vengeance from Sohanlal. But fate has something else planned for this group of people.

Source: Inteqam (Youtube).

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6 Responses to “Inteqam”

  1. moshomedveh says:

    Good Movie with melodious songs, helenesque dances and superb performances by all actors! However, the Synopsis has several errors: The second and third instances of “Heeralal” should be replaced by “Sohanlal”, in the text! Movie is definitely a must see!

  2. saipreeti9 says:

    nice movie ,with catchy music.

  3. I loved songs of this movie.

  4. psnandy1 says:

    A fantastic musical movie with excellent composition of Laxmikant Pyarelal..It has good drama in storyline..

  5. NADIA NAZIR says:

    kamzoor acting but khoobsurat music ,lyrics & voice of singer

  6. yasmeenfive says:

    great classic! Story and songs are superb!

    Sadhana was fantastic!

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