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Stamped: Justin Bieber’s Favorite Things

Stamped: Justin Bieber's Favorite Things

Justin Bieber sat down with the Stamped team to talk about some of his favorite things. Download Stamped on the App Store. goo.gl

Source: Stamped: Justin Bieber’s Favorite Things (Youtube).

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14 Responses to “Stamped: Justin Bieber’s Favorite Things”

  1. okay i love you jb

  2. caliartist99 says:

    Lol “there’s the song, let’s make out!”

  3. Edward Lim says:

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez photography explosure!! see how Selena sucks Bieber’ tiny dick!!

  4. gritngravy says:

    nope….nothing scientific about this,,,

  5. TramK B says:

    i will sing U got it bad and listen to Fool to love you every day. Love you Justin. <3

  6. h00psmaddie says:

    I fan girled so hard when he said Madelyn bc that’s my name. Go me.

  7. shayna300 says:

    I love Justin bieber now MJ all the way

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  9. SammiKat1 says:

    Maybe cause Stamped is an app and apps are a part of technology..? I dunno.

  10. Zarita Drake says:

    This guy is growing on me.

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  12. mimah000 says:

    Love u justin drew beiber 3 xxx

  13. 09096288 says:


  14. “If you want to make the world a better place, you gotta look at yourself and change”
    -3 -3

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