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Justin Bieber – Fashion’s Night Out interview

Justin Bieber – Fashion's Night Out interview

September 8, 2011 – From ET, Entertainment Tonight online. Justin is interviewed about his fashion sense and stuff like that. Justin was in NY for Fashion Night Out, part of Fashion Week. Justin appeared at Dolce & Gabbana and signed autographs and apparently sang with Asher Roth.

Source: Justin Bieber – Fashion’s Night Out interview (Youtube).

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16 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Fashion’s Night Out interview”

  1. drivonike2 says:

    @justinbaddict1 lol I think im starting to like you!

  2. GurlCaa says:

    Aww, too bad he’s done Growing!!. Dude is almost 18 and still looks like 10, he’s gotta be 5’6 max.

    Oh Well, he’s rich and Im not :(

  3. damn, why is he so sexy..?! i tweeted him “YO JUSTIN BIEBER! I HATE YOU! Well not that i hate you like I HATE YOU! The other way like I HATE YOU! You know what im saying? YOU ARE KILLING ME EVERY MINUTE! WHY R U SO HOT?! I AM VERY MAD AT YOU! ” lmaaao ;) DAAAAYUM I WANNA MARRY THIS BOY!

  4. if you love justin bieber you will love this video!!! watch it!:)
    = “4 Justin Bieber- Haven’t Met You Yet parody-Michael BublĂ©”

  5. LSLTH says:

    @GurlCaa Lol he’s at least 5’8 now, you can see it comparing some pics between months and he’s still growing but whatever

  6. bieberssexy says:

    @AmazingIdlaaaazzz ooh thankyou:)

  7. heygirlie018 says:

    he’s kind of turning into a douche…like he’s never really into interviews anymore. like i understand that they get VERY repetitive after like 5 years of constant interviewing but thats what you signed up for when you wanted to become famous. idk i just feel like he’s different

  8. nicolekonner says:

    hes a cutie…and im 27 lmao

  9. he says “LIKE” …like 1xx times!! LOL <3

  10. He’s bot turning into a douche. Sometimes I don’t understand some of my belieber fam what else do you want from him?!!!! Damn stfu. He’s 17 with lots of money he was gonna change a little! But he has stayed pretty humble. Just put your big girl panties on an realize the fact that he is growing up!

  11. @xxheartsxxforxxyouxx I wouldn’t say it better myself.:)

  12. Omg this kid is getting boring

  13. fallolive97 says:

    Man he looked so bored I would be 2 seriously ur talking to a guy about fashion that’s like talking to a wall

  14. cool17ism says:

    @fallolive97 but hes their for a fashion night out reason lol its a fashion show thingy thts why they r talking to him about fashion lol

  15. @justinbaddict1 can u get it on itunes

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