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Pet Shop Boys – Shameless

Pet Shop Boys – Shameless

Pet Shop Boys – Shameless B-Side of the Go West single (1993) Included on Alternative (1995) – the 1984-95 B-sides collection

Source: Pet Shop Boys – Shameless (Youtube).

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16 Responses to “Pet Shop Boys – Shameless”

  1. CXJ87NM912 says:

    PSB IS

    ” K A K K O I I ”


  2. This track is incredible. Would have made a fabulous single in it’s own right. Thank you for sharing !

  3. Awesome. I really appreciate you sharing this one !.

  4. mserio100 says:

    muy buen temma del 90

  5. kikiko14344 says:

    thanks for posting , i use to have this single…

  6. One of the coolest piece of pop shit ever. Really rave shameless arrangement & perfect message

  7. 28jkelly says:

    this song is so inspiring to alot of people i absolutely love this track lyrics are fantastic very well done neil & chris.

  8. trackiedude says:

    Awesome,this should have been a single xxxxx

  9. Sche13e says:

    Yeah this should have been a single. It’s probably the best tune off the Alternative compilation. It’s very much a theatircal-concept album type song.

  10. MrChineelee says:

    When I hear this song..I think of Adam Lambert. Tee hee…..it seems like he looks like a butch version of Boy George.

  11. Kelli69 says:

    This song is the perfect summation of where an ex-girlfriend of mine is at in her life.

  12. Man I love this! If you love the Pet Shop Boys maybe you should check out my channel and listen to songs I made on the MTV Music Generator! Its really awesome!

  13. risteard01 says:

    This tune is sick, especially the bridge. Should have been the A side rather than the eternally embarrassing Go West, improved only by Kevin Saunderson’s Tribe Mix

  14. edbroal says:

    I have enjoyed a lot it! That’s reminded me to the 90′s ! Tks a lot!

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