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Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers | Channel 4

Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers | Channel 4

The Amish teenagers stay with a family in the Kent countryside, where they encounter the hedonistic lifestyle of the son's indie band, and camp at a summer music festival.

Sunday | 8:00pm | Channel 4

Catch up on 4oD: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/amish-worlds-squarest-teenagers/4od

Channel 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/amish-worlds-squarest-teenagers

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14 Responses to “Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers | Channel 4”

  1. MasterAsra says:

    @IrresistiblyBetter It’s really hard to consider a minority of less than .05% as the stereotypical ‘americans’. The country is just as fun, depraved and crazy as almost any other western country.

  2. @MasterAsra i know that’s what I meant. When we get shit from people many many miles away it must be even worse for Americans who like to enjoy themselves who have people like the Amish living in the same country and think having fun is a terrible thing.

  3. MasterAsra says:

    @IrresistiblyBetter It’s not really all that bad, even in areas with the Amish, since they’re basically segregated from phones and computers, so they never really complain. It’s worse with the “modern” groups trying to ban Halloween, Evolution and dances. America is big enough that the only contact any America will ever have with an Amish person is probably a teenager like this, and that’s usually only if you live right by an Amish commune.

  4. JoshWerns says:

    at first i was like sweet jesus car crash then i realized it was Britain

  5. walshygel2 says:

    she has an ipod at 0:12

  6. nickjb01 says:

    @JoshWerns just a small and shit part of britain. not like the rest of it.

  7. matejko4 says:

    @walshygel2 when they r on romspringer they r allowed to use all technology

  8. walshygel2 says:

    @matejko4 romspringer?

  9. cleverfeller says:

    They’re not deprived. The whole point of their period of ”running around” as they call it, is for them to experience the outside world and to decide if they want to leave the Amish community or to commit to it. How is that deprived? Clearly that is offering a free choice.

  10. i keep thinking that girl has a bra on her head …

  11. where is the full video?

  12. where is the full video?

  13. Alex2149 says:

    @paulanthonyrhodes0 ure not the only one..

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