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“The Machinist (2004)” Theatrical Trailer

"The Machinist (2004)" Theatrical Trailer

"The Machinist (2004)" Theatrical Trailer

Original theatrical trailer for the 2004 film "The Machinist." Starring Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Sharian, & Michael Ironside. Directed by Brad Anderson.

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15 Responses to ““The Machinist (2004)” Theatrical Trailer”

  1. GeeNarly17 says:

    cool thanks for replying to me :P and i will definately check out memento….

  2. satircon says:

    i watched this movie yesterday, it is weird and sick but from some strange reason i wana c it again X.X

  3. kaemon142 says:

    i actually love this film =)

  4. i don’t get the trailer…

  5. Memento was pretty good… it’s GREAT because of how they rearranged the plot… but if you were to watch the film straightforward it would only be good… not “GREAT!” (my opinion of course)

  6. Joe22c says:

    Fair enough; of course, we don’t watch it straightforward, which is why it’s GREAT to watch, regardless of whether or not the straightforward plot is as powerful :)

  7. ElectricEels says:

    This movie was so dark. It’s disturbing.

  8. kelsmart says:

    OMG , Christian Bale looks so incredibly ill in this movie! How did he not just drop dead from being so underweight? Holy shit , talk about a method actor lol

  9. GCVos says:

    I’m glad I saw this movie before watching the trailer. This trailer gives too much away.

  10. I can;t wait to see this movie…

  11. I have Insomnia sucks…. worst thing ever to happen to me

  12. pmgodfrey says:

    - @ GCVos -

    It give too much away? Like what? The fact that I wouldn’t waste my time watching it?

    I thought the movie would be about a guy who makes parts – not about a guy who is going insane making parts (which is how I feel right now).

  13. GCVos says:

    I dunno, it just shows really small parts that are much more interesting to see for the first time during the movie itself.

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